Karoline’s golden hour

I just finished a CM workshop in beginner’s shooting and I really learned a lot. I now understand the basics of my camera settings and am shooting in manual. It’s wonderful and I’m never going back in time! This Sunday I talked my daughter Karoline into shooting her in the golden hour and these are the outcome and final shots of the workshop. These are SOOC’s – no editing at all.

I’m proud :-)

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One taste of summer

Today it’s raining – like any other summerday lately. It’s frustrating, because I want to be outside shooting! At least we had this watermelon, so when it can’t be any different, we can at least get one taste of summer. A watermelon is really inviting to be shot by my camera, so I couldn’t help it :-)

Happily Mother After

My little photog

Finally I have a child with the same interest as me! Oliver is really hooked on learning photography and have always taken pictures with my cell phone, his nitendo or our point-n-shoot. After upgrading my camera, he asked if he could have the old DSLR. :-) So I decided I will never sell it, it will be his learning camera and he can have it, when he has learned to use it.He has now learned to focus and meter the light.

Now we go on photowalks together and we can’t wait until summer vacation where we are going to shoot a lot of pictures – both of us! I’m so proud of this little guy and am exited to see what a photographer he can become one day :-)

And here comes his best indoor shot so far – our cat Mille. He’s so proud of it!

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Best of May – thankful for my son

I’m so thankful for my son Oliver, who has autistic traits, but far from beeing an autist. Many people don’t understand him, because he’s more quiet and shy than other children – especielly his grandparents won’t spend time him and aren’t even curious enough to get to know him. I get so many special moments with this boy, that I wouldn’t have experienced with any other child. As soon as he let’s you into his world, he’s amazing and full of adventure.

Those who doesn’t want to know his world will miss out on many great adventures and too bad for them! I would never trade him for a ‘normal’ boy. Dearest Oliver, thanks for all the great experiences, laughs, adventures and everything you have taught me over time and I’m looking forward to much more in the years to come. Love mommy :-)

Inspired by Rebecca Cooper’s 33 things I’m thankful for.

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Peter Pan Shadow

My daughter Karoline loves (like any other kid/teen) trampolining and she is good for a few tricks. She wanted to show me, that she could do a handstand and in this first photo, she didn’t make it. However, when she saw this photo, she said: ‘Oh, my shadow looks like Peter Pan!’ Perhaps she’s right :-) I like this shadow reflection image.

I managed to get a shot of her handstand, even everything went very fast and lucky for me, my camera is fast!

And I had to shoot her beloved new All Stars Shoes – it reminded me again, how expensive it is to have a pre-teen :-)

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Happily Mother After


Transformer kid

Oliver loves playing with his transformers – robots transforming into cars or space ships – and here he’s enjoying his Sunday afternoon at the kitchen table with these two little guys. As usual I was sneaking around with the camera and this is the outcome.

I was featured with these images!

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First Communion Beauty

This Sunday we went to a first communion and this sweet beauty was the guest of honor. She is a shy girl, but we got her to smile after a few jokes from her mom. :-) Her reaction when she saw the photo above was: “I didn’t know I was this beautiful” – and my words to her will be: You ARE beautiful – believe in yourself and the world is all yours. :-) These are the some of the first shots with my brand new and fancy camera -Sony A65.

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Teasing little brother

These photos are defenitely NOT wanna-be-a-pro-shots, but I just have to share them anyway! The day before Easter, my kids were making these bunny ears at school, and when I came to pick them up, all kids in school wore them – what a sight!

The other evening my kids Karoline and Oliver wore these ears again and Karoline walked with Oliver on her back. I grabbed the camera and guess what!? During the shoot Oliver enjoyed teasing Karoline with her ears and I lost focus, because I was totally cracked up!

So I’M SORRY for the blurry, grainy and not focused shots, but I’ll treasure them always :-)

And Karoline was a little p…… when she saw them :-)