One taste of summer


Today it’s raining – like any other summerday lately. It’s frustrating, because I want to be outside shooting! At least we had this watermelon, so when it can’t be any different, we can at least get one taste of summer. A watermelon is really inviting to be shot by my camera, so I couldn’t help [...] Read more »

Best of May – thankful for my son


I’m so thankful for my son Oliver, who has autistic traits, but far from beeing an autist. Many people don’t understand him, because he’s more quiet and shy than other children – especielly his grandparents won’t spend time him and aren’t even curious enough to get to know him. I get so many special moments [...] Read more »

Peter Pan Shadow


My daughter Karoline loves (like any other kid/teen) trampolining and she is good for a few tricks. She wanted to show me, that she could do a handstand and in this first photo, she didn’t make it. However, when she saw this photo, she said: ‘Oh, my shadow looks like Peter Pan!’ Perhaps she’s right [...] Read more »

Transformer kid


Oliver loves playing with his transformers – robots transforming into cars or space ships – and here he’s enjoying his Sunday afternoon at the kitchen table with these two little guys. As usual I was sneaking around with the camera and this is the outcome. I was featured with these images! Linking up to: Read more »

Teasing little brother


These photos are defenitely NOT wanna-be-a-pro-shots, but I just have to share them anyway! The day before Easter, my kids were making these bunny ears at school, and when I came to pick them up, all kids in school wore them – what a sight! The other evening my kids Karoline and Oliver wore these [...] Read more »