Best of May – thankful for my son


I’m so thankful for my son Oliver, who has autistic traits, but far from beeing an autist. Many people don’t understand him, because he’s more quiet and shy than other children – especielly his grandparents won’t spend time him and aren’t even curious enough to get to know him. I get so many special moments [...] Read more »

Transformer kid


Oliver loves playing with his transformers – robots transforming into cars or space ships – and here he’s enjoying his Sunday afternoon at the kitchen table with these two little guys. As usual I was sneaking around with the camera and this is the outcome. I was featured with these images! Linking up to: Read more »

Teasing little brother


These photos are defenitely NOT wanna-be-a-pro-shots, but I just have to share them anyway! The day before Easter, my kids were making these bunny ears at school, and when I came to pick them up, all kids in school wore them – what a sight! The other evening my kids Karoline and Oliver wore these [...] Read more »

Embrace the Camera: Mommy time


Inspired by Emily’s Embrace the Camera photo challenge, where you have to capture YOU with your kids, spouse, friends etc., I’ll now post some shots with me and my Oliver. We were taking a evening walk with at the beach in the golden sunlight, looking at the swans swimming around, the ships and guys fishing [...] Read more »

Climbing Kiddo


We’ve been to a hut, where there were bunk beds and that was fun for my 8 year-old Oliver. When he climbed, I asked for permission the photograph him and he accepted. I had no idea, how they would turn out, because there was little light in the room and I’m not very fond of [...] Read more »