One taste of summer


Today it’s raining – like any other summerday lately. It’s frustrating, because I want to be outside shooting! At least we had this watermelon, so when it can’t be any different, we can at least get one taste of summer. A watermelon is really inviting to be shot by my camera, so I couldn’t help [...] Read more »

Peter Pan Shadow


My daughter Karoline loves (like any other kid/teen) trampolining and she is good for a few tricks. She wanted to show me, that she could do a handstand and in this first photo, she didn’t make it. However, when she saw this photo, she said: ‘Oh, my shadow looks like Peter Pan!’ Perhaps she’s right [...] Read more »

The Swan


I can’t help thinking of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale with the ugly ducklet, when I see such a beautiful swan. The swan was selected to be the national bird of Denmark and of course it has a lot to with Mr. Andersen, but also with beauty. My children almost stop breathing when they see them, [...] Read more »

I’m a big sister


We’ve been having a family weekend, where the entire family of 30 people were having a great time in a scout hut. My niece Victoria loves taking care of her toddler brothers and here she is tucking in the youngest, in the baby carriage. I snapped this with my 70-300 mm lens sitting very far [...] Read more »

Sweet Eighteen


My firstborn – Alexandra – turned 18 this week! WHERE did the time go, again? She is now legal, can vote and get her drivers licence. She has been through a lot in her teen years, but it’s amazing to see, how she has grown to become this fine woman, she is today! I couldn’t [...] Read more »