My Camera Gear

I purchased my camera about 2 years ago – a DSLR, ’cause now I wanted to take great photos! Well, the photos weren’t greater than my point-n-shoot camera’s, so I used my DSLR once in a while, put it away, used it again and so on… Even when we went to Spain on vacation in 2010, I brought my point-n-shoot camera and for that I could kill myself today!

I don’t really do New Years resolutions but in 2011 I did one. In 2012 I wanted to learn how to use my camera the right way and shoot wonderful photos. Just as wonderful as those I saw on the Internet. So in January I started to learn and it’s SO cool! Now I know much more about the camera settings and everything else and I’m still learning every day. Now I can see a difference in the photos and now I shoot in RAW.

Folks! Here’s my gear:

My camera

I became a….SONY girl! Unless you know someone who knows about photography and cameras you never know if you’re a Canon, Nikon, Pentax or Sony person, before you get out of the store with your baby. I got out with a Sony Alpha 300 and it’s a good beginner’s camera. Sony cameras are easy to figure out and are affordable.

The Alpha 300 can’t be purchased anymore, but in 2009 it was THE camera and 10.5 megapixels were A LOT! Just laugh, but I’m amazed what I can get out of this camera, if I just use my brain. ;-)

The kit lens for this camera is 18-70 mm and it’s okay, but.. you gotta upgrade some time.

My next camera will probably be the Sony Alpha 77 – it’s really expensive right now, because it’s brand new, but…some day…

My lenses

Tamron Lens 70-300mm F/4-5,6 DI LD Macro

After reading a lot about lenses I purchased 2 great can’t-live-without lenses and one of them is the Tamron 70-300 macro lens. I wanted to shoot at long distances and this one is super. I use it mostly to shoot my kids, when they are playing far away from me. I’ve discovered that when they don’t get the camera in their faces, they hardly notice I’m there taking photos  of them. This gives me many good photo moments.

This lens is also great for shooting animals far away. If you go close to a bird or any other wild animal, it will run/fly away. Now I can hide og shoot – with the camera, of course. I love it!

Sony Objectiv SAL-50F18 50mm f/1,8

This is the second lens I purchased for a start and now I can see, that everybody has it. Either this or a 1.4 lens – or both. This lens is great for indoor photography and I never use the flash anymore. It’s simply not necessary and now I have the feeling, that flash is only for amatures. In the past I have struggled a lot with indoor photography and dark images, but this lens gives wonderful photos with lots of light – a MUST HAVE!

Tamron A14 – Zoom lens – 18 mm – 200 mm – f/3.5-6.3

This lens is my newest buy and when I go out I use it instead of the 18-70 mm kit lens. I can zoom much more and shoot at longer distances. The macro function is also much better on this lens than on the kit lens. So far I can’t live with out it and it’s always handy at every shoot or session. It’s an everyday and every use lens, so it’s another must have.

That’s my gear for now, folks! I’m always on the look for other camera gear, so stay tuned…