The Swan


I can’t help thinking of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale with the ugly ducklet, when I see such a beautiful swan. The swan was selected to be the national bird of Denmark and of course it has a lot to with Mr. Andersen, but also with beauty. My children almost stop breathing when they see them, [...] Read more »

Embrace the Camera: Mommy time


Inspired by Emily’s Embrace the Camera photo challenge, where you have to capture YOU with your kids, spouse, friends etc., I’ll now post some shots with me and my Oliver. We were taking a evening walk with at the beach in the golden sunlight, looking at the swans swimming around, the ships and guys fishing [...] Read more »

I’m a big sister


We’ve been having a family weekend, where the entire family of 30 people were having a great time in a scout hut. My niece Victoria loves taking care of her toddler brothers and here she is tucking in the youngest, in the baby carriage. I snapped this with my 70-300 mm lens sitting very far [...] Read more »